How do you administer the injectable?

If you are taking the subcutaneous injection, we will provide the injection supplies you will need for each fill. Because the medication is dispensed in a sterile vial, you will need to draw up the medication from the vial with the injection supplies we give you for each weekly injection.

We recommend injecting your weekly dose into your abdomen, at least one inch away from your naval. Rotate injection sites each week. The injection supplies that we will provide are 31G 5/16” long insulin syringes that are measured in units. You will notice that the instructions for the medication will provide specific instructions on how many units you are to inject each week. These instructions are located on the label that is affixed to the brown bag holding the medication vial.

Each insulin syringe is safe to use for one injection. Do not use the same syringe for multiple injections. Dispose of your used syringe into a stiff/hard plastic resealable container, such as a detergent container.

A detailed visual aid on how to draw up the medication from the vial and how to inject a subcutaneous injection is provided to you in your patient information guide upon your first fill.