What is the dosage?

Both dosage forms are dosed once weekly. This means that you will only be administering the medication one day a week. It does not matter what time of day you administer the medication and you can take it with or without food.

If you are taking a GLP-1 for the first time, you will be instructed to begin with a titration as directed by your provider. This means that you will start with a small dose and gradually increase. Since the injection supplies that we supply are measured in units, please pay close attention to how many units you are supposed to inject each week. For many of you, this titration will last 90 days and your dose will slowly increase every 4 weeks. Please keep in mind that the amount of drug that you draw up in the syringe will appear very small when you are first starting. Titrating this medication helps to reduce gastrointestinal side effects mentioned in the side effects section of this recording. Do not use higher doses than outlined on your prescription label. This prescription label with your specific instructions from your physician are located on the brown bag containing the vial of medication.